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Opening Title (1927)  Opening Title (1927-28)
The title card at left seems to have been used only once (for the pilot short, POOR PAPA).
The altered card at right (notice Oswald's now-larger ears) was used during Disney's 1927-28 production season.

Opening Title (1928)  Opening Title (1928-29)
The startlingly unprofessional, traced-looking title card at left was used on later Disney entries and possibly the early Winkler releases.
The card on the right was used for the Winkler shorts from about late 1928 to mid-1929.

Opening Title (1929)
This title card was used on the final Winkler Oswalds.
Notice that Oswald's ears have reverted to their Disney length.


Closing Title (1927-28)  Closing Title (1928-29)
The end title at left was used for all of the Disney Oswalds and, probably, the earliest Winkler shorts.
The card at right was used on the Winkler shorts from late 1928 through the final short in 1929.

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