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Welcome to the new Cartoon Research page devoted to artwork, objects, original titles and miscellania devoted to the Van Beuren Studio (1930-1936). This is a place where all sorts of odds and ends will end up about this studio - during its talkie era years.
Cartoon Researcher James Tucker sent me a few Van Beuren/Official Films home movie boxes (see below) and animator Aaron Neathery contributed images from a rare Aesops Fables story book (1931).
I encourage my readers to send in images that might be interesting for this website. I do not need frame grabs from films - I'm looking for merchandising and advertising art primarily. Like this...

Cubby Bear welcomes you to an RKO theatre

Promotional comic strip by Van Beuren Studios to promote RKO Theatres (1934)

AESOP'S FABLES STORY BOOK (1931): Animator Aaron Neathery sends us these scans from a cool picture book drawn by the Van Beuren staff (click on images to enlarge):

book cover fables

fables tom jerry

tom jerry fables

TOM & JERRY STORY BOOK (1933): David Gerstein sent in this scan from a Tom & Jerry story book licensed by the Van Beuren studio (click on image to enlarge):

book cover

OFFICIAL FILMS 16mm Home Movie boxes: "Cap'n Cub" was NOT a Van Beuren release - it was independently made by the Ted Eshbaugh Studio in 1943.

amos n andyvan bueren home movies toons

official films

king van bueren

box jungle

rko title tom jerry rainbow parade title

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If you are interested in buying rare Van Beuren cartoons, please check here.

Written, compiled and copyright © 2008 by Jerry Beck
Thanks to Jim Tucker and Paul Mular for the home move boxes.

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