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Books by Jerry Beck!

Animation books that are FUN to read: Outlaw Animation from Harry N. Abrams Publishers, Looney Tunes: The Ultimate Visual Guide and Pink Panther Ultimate Guide both from Dorling Kindersley, The Hanna Barbera Treasures from Insight Editions and Animation Art from Harper Collins Design. Click on book cover to purchase from

looney visual outlaw animation art pink panther hanna barbera

Essential viewing for those who do Cartoon Research. Click on video cover to purchase from

snow golden collection 2 golden collection 3 golden collection 4 looney5 snow
popeyedvd popeye2 popeyedvd woodydvd woody2 oscartoons

Color Classics oswald dvd silly victory mickey black n white pal clampett

Essential reading for those who do Cartoon Research. Click on book cover to purchase from

magic looney hollywood cartoons movie guide moose

shamus beckermandisneywaltold mentex

Essential listening for those who do Cartoon Research. Click on CD cover to purchase from

stalling 1 stalling 2 thats all folks powerpuff picnic

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the daffy docbacall to armsunsung toons

Cartoon Research highly recommends the cool Looney Tunes limited edition art created by Clampett Studio Collections.
Click on images above and get more information (or purchase) from our affiliate gallery GREAT AMERICAN INK.


Most "funny animal" and "animated" comics from the 1940s & 50s were written and drawn by moonlighting animation artists from Warner Bros., MGM, Screen Gems, Terrytoons and Famous Studios. It's a great way to study the animators individual styles!
I am no longer selling old comics, but you can find some of these at your local comic shop, at comic book conventions or on ebay.

tom and jerry bugs terry fox and crow huey woody


Attention K-Mart Shoppers! If you haven't heard these recordings you are really missing something!
By exclusive arrangement with the Snappytoon Amusement Company,
ELMO AARDVARK "America's Original Animated Star"
is featured in these two rare CDs produced by Will Ryan. Not available in any store, these recordings feature the vocal stylings of
June Foray, Victoria Jackson, Hal Smith, Will Ryan & the Hollywood Cartoon Band in original classic cartoon inspired music and songs.

elmo aardvark

To order: go to CD for details.

thats all folks

By special arrangement with animation historian Steve Schneider (author, "That's All Folks, The Art Of Warner Bros. Animation") , The Cartoon Research Store is pleased to offer for sale select original pieces from his personal collection of Warner Bros. cartoon art.
First up, a group of original studio model sheets.
These are actual studio model sheets, reproduced in the 1950s & 60s, for animation staff use during the production of classic Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.
They are in mint condition - and are the real thing. Perfect for the wall of your own "Termite Terrace". To order: contact Steve Schneider directly at

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