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From now on all the latest animation news, reviews and comments previously written & posted on this website will be uploaded to a new weblog I've begun with Amid Amidi (of Animation Blast).
Please check CARTOON BREW regularly. We plan to have guest bloggers, and are percolating some exciting features in the months to come.
Cartoon Research will continue on, mainly as an archive and data base which I will continue to update regularly.
So remember: to find out what's new, go to the Brew!

BILL MORITZ has died

Maureen Furniss just sent in this news:

bill moritz
I write to you with sadness but a sense of peace. Bill Moritz, a great friend to many and a stellar figure within the field of animation studies, died early this morning (Friday, March 12, 2004) at the home of his sister in Northern California.
He had suffered with throat cancer for many years, then developed another form of cancer in his chest in recent months. Within the next few days, I will send details of his memorial service, which will take place in the Los Angeles area in the near future.
Bill was known for his work on German animation, particularly the work of Oskar Fischinger. His book on Fischinger, his life's work, recently was published by John Libbey.

Allegretto (1936)
Bill was instrumental in restoring and documenting this important artist's films, which otherwise probably would not have been preserved for future generations. He traveled to many film festivals, presenting the work of visual music artists, and wrote extensively on experimental animation. He was a member of the Animation Journal editorial board, publishing an article in its first issue and publishing again in future issues.
He also was past president of the Society for Animation Studies. Bill was on the faculty at California Institute of the Arts, where he had been for many years, and was a mentor to many. Bill was also an artist, working in film and theater, among other realms. He spoke numerous languages and leaves behind friends around the world. He also leaves a beloved family of cats that comforted him during his illness.
Animation World Network will be publishing a tribute dedicated to Bill within a few days, so please be sure to look for it.

New COLUMBIA cartoon web page!

fox and crow
Webmaster Pietro Shakarian is at it again!
His latest Toonzone tribute website is devoted to Columbia cartoons - everything from Charles Mintz Screen Gems to UPA and Loopy De Loop!
There are frame grabs, downloads, information, history, bios, detailed cartoon filmograhies (by series) and production art.
The site just launched and Pietro is still adding new features, so be patient if your favorite Scrappy cartoon isn't pictured yet.
Check out The Columbia Crow's Nest today!


Olive Oyl used to sell sexy perfume

King Features has licensed OLIVE OYL for a sexy ad campaign to sell perfume in Europe. I don't know much about this product - but these photos are HOT!
Here's the website these came from, and ads have appeared in U.S. women's magazines... Meanwhile the Fleischer/ Famous/ Paramount Popeye classics are still not on DVD...

wimmin hadn't oughta smell

New KOKO collection on DVD!

ray pointer
Ray Pointer points out the following: "As you know, I've had a Volume 1 and 2 OUT OF THE INKWELL DVD out since February. The response to the first DVD earlier this year was overwhelming!
It has been so well received that I am continually being asked about follow-up. In order to fulfill these requests, I am taking advance orders now--just in time for Christmas, and have the website set up to do so.
This new edition one combines Volumes 3 (THE BIRTH OF KO-KO) and 4 (KO-KO'S SHOWTIME), which you've seen in VHS. I'm set up to take preorders as you will see on my Inkwell Images website."

Read my review of Ray's great Fleischer videos here.

New HARVEY COMICS maquettes!

Once again, Electric Tiki is offering cool new classic cartoon maquettes based on Harvey Comics/Famous Studios cartoon characters.
The latest releases are CASPER and WENDY. Both were designed by Tracy Mark Lee and sculpted by Bruce Lau.
Casper is appox. 5" tall, made of cold cast resin and strictly limited to 750 pieces. Casper will also boast 2 variants, the first being a Diamond Comics exclusive clear edition of 250. Electric Tiki will also have a phasing version that will be half clear/half painted. The phasing Casper will limited to only 100 pieces and can only be ordered through the Electric Tiki site.
Baby Huey is their first "Not So Teeny Weeny" mini maquette standing app. 7" tall. Designed to be in scale with the previous figures, Huey is almost double the size of his Harvey buddies.
baby huey
Designed by Tracy Mark Lee and sculpted by James Lopez, Baby Huey is strictly limited to 500 pieces. Comes individually numbered, in a decorated box with certificate of Authenticity.
Suggested retail price is $55 and should hit stores in October.
Meanwhile, Terrytoons' Mighty Mouse Teeny Weeny mini maquette (below), is based on classic 1940's Connie Rasinski model sheet images.
Mighty Mouse comes fully painted, ready to display and stands on a specially designed logo base. Designed by Tracy Mark Lee and sculpted by renowned animation sculptor Ruben Procopio. Strictly limited to 750 pieces worldwide.
And check out this cool Little Dot!

mighty mouse

Master Harvey cartoonist WARREN KREMER has died!

art by kremer
Mark Arnold (webmaster/editor of The Harveyville Fun Times) has informed us (via Alan Harvey) that Warren Kremer has passed away.
Kremer was to Harvey Comics of the 1960s what Dan DeCarlo was to Archie Comics, Curt Swan was to the Superman Family and Jack Kirby was Marvel Comics during that decade (and beyond) - the signature cartoonist of a line of comic books, who established and defined the look of the companies biggest stars.
Kremer was born in 1921 in the Bronx New York. He did layout, lettering and illustration for various publications (including pulps) until he hooked up with Harvey, initially doing their grisly horror books.
Taking his cue from Famous Studios animators whom were moonlighting on the initial Harvey licensed comic books (particularly Steve Mufatti's Little Audrey), Kremer's art became the Harvey house style. His work on RICHIE RICH, WENDY and our favorite, STUMBO THE GIANT was particularly influential.
He also storyboarded many of the MATTY'S FUNDAY FUNNIES and NEW CASPER CARTOON SHOW opening & closing title segments - did artwork for publicity, merchandising and was the chief cover artist at Harvey for over 40 years.

The BEANY & CECIL Rose Parade Float

The annual New Year's Day Tournement of Roses Parade in Pasadena California hosted several cartoon character floats this year - including a nice Gumby float and an unofficial Yellow Submarine entry.
But the standout (at least for us cartoon fans) was the City of West Covina's FUN WITH BEANY & CECIL float.
Local L.A. TV hosts Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards mentioned Stan Freberg in relation to Cecil, but were otherwise mis-informed ("Clampett left Looney Tunes in 1947 to create Beany & Cecil...").
Here are a few images from the live television broadcast.
it was a great way to kick off 2003!

beany and cecil


titanic mice
Bad Movie Planet, a delightful website which reviews the worst movies ever made (and the most obscure movies on it's Unknown Movies page), has tracked down a copy of the Italian TITANIC: THE ANIMATED MOVIE, a European 2001 direct to video release.
titanic video
This insanely bad idea is clearly aimed toward a family audience, especially with this blurb on the back of the video package: "CHILD-FRIENDLY ENDING ASSURES EVERYONE IS RESCUED AND LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER!" -- So much for life's harsh realities!
The box goes on to explain the film:"Set aboard the famous ship Titanic, where you will meet many lovable characters as they embark on a fun-filled adventure across the sea! Maxie the mouse, Geoffrey the cat, Danny the Dalmatian, Hector the Magpie and more!! Together these characters conjure up delightful entertainment for kids of all ages!
As it happened in the real story, the Titanic will hit the iceberg but only to determine the beginning of a new life full of hope for everybody!! Filled with hilarious antics, fun music and enchanting characters this movie is sure to be a hit with the entire family!"

Read Keith Baily's hilarious (but true) review by clicking HERE!

jerry and jasper


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