Chaplin Supplemental Text

This material is also available to you in conjunction with the essays in this project: here, items can all be accessed from a single menu for best efficiency.

  • Phases of Charlie by Timothy J. Lyons

  • Deleted Nun Scene from Modern Times

  • Charlie the Kid by Sergei Eisenstein

  • The Nazis' Judische Lexikon (in German)

  • Charlie the Barber addresses the Volk of Ptomania

  • Chaplin's Rhythm: A Story of Men in Macabre Movement

  • Parker Tyler's comments on Chaplin, class, love, and film

  • A segment of Chaplin's 1947 court questioning exemplifying the type of Red-baiting he went through

  • Screenplay for Caught in the Rain, Chaplin's first solo direction credit

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