<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>CARTOON RESEARCH GARAGE SALE</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="#E0E0E0" Text="#000000"> <center><img src="garagesalebanner.jpg" ALT="the garage sale" HEIGHT="205" width="343"></center><p><center> <HR NOSHADE SIZE=5><p> <center><b>I have reference copies of classic Hollywood cartoons from all studios.<br>If you have any questions write to me: <A HREF="mailto:jbeck6540@aol.com">jbeck6540@aol.com</a></b></center><p> <center>Donations via PayPal accepted. Click this button below:</center><p> <!-- Begin PayPal Logo --> <form action="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_xclick"> <input type="hidden" name="business" value="jbeck6540@aol.com"> <input type="hidden" name="item_name" value="CARTOON RESEARCH CO."> <input type="hidden" name="no_shipping" value="1"> <input type="image" src="http://images.paypal.com/images/x-click-but04.gif" border="0" name="submit" alt="Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!"> </form></center><p> <HR NOSHADE SIZE=5><p> <font color=#00000 size=5><center><b>NEW!</b> <u>Q.T. HUSH</u></center><font color=#00000 size=3>Please <A HREF="mailto:jbeck6540@aol.com">write to me</a> if you are interested in this complete collection of Q.T. HUSH cartoons. There are four volumes in this series. 100 episodes. Compiled for research purposes - no fancy packaging, no fancy menus, no restoration. Just ancient cartoons. If you are interested in seeing these, write to me for details.<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="qthush.jpg" ALT="qt" HEIGHT="147" width="200" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>Q.T. HUSH Vol. 1</b><br> (10 chapters each)<br> THE RHYME-LINE CAPER<br> THE PROTECTION PLAN CAPER<br> THE RED-EYED RAVEN CAPER<p> <b>Q.T. HUSH Vol. 2</b><br> (10 chapters each)<br> THE STATUE OF LIBERTY CAPER<br> THE MAGIC MIX-UP CAPER<br> THE DOOMSDAY CAPER<p> <b>Q.T. HUSH Vol. 3</b><br> (10 chapters each)<br> THE GOOFY GHOST CAPER<br> THE BIG MASQUERADE CAPER<p> <b>Q.T. HUSH Vol. 4</b><br> (10 chapters each)<br> THE CARNIVAL CAPER<br> THE PEEKY-BOO CAPER<p> <HR NOSHADE SIZE=5><p> <TABLE Align=right> <TR> <TD><img src="WorstBox.jpg" ALT="worst cartoons ever" HEIGHT="238" width="174" BORDER=1 ALIGN=right></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <font color=#00000 size=5><center><u><b>WORST CARTOONS EVER!</u></b></center><p><center><img src="worstcartoons06.jpg" ALT="worst cartoons ever" HEIGHT="107" width="400"></center><p><font color=#000000 size=3><center><u><b>2011 Comic Con show - WORST CARTOONS EVER!</u></b></center><p>A DVD of my 2011 San Diego Comic Con presentation is now availble for a limited time. <b>$10.</b><p>You can buy a complete set of my san Diego WORST CARTOONS EVER presentations (2003-2011, 9 discs) for <b>$50.</b><p>Write to <A HREF="mailto:jbeck6540@aol.com">jbeck6540@aol.com</a> for details.<p> <b><u>STILL AVAILABLE:</u></b><br> Professionally produced, and featuring on-camera introductions and commentary by Jerry Beck, this DVD contains the funniest, crap-tacular cartoon drek ever! <a TARGET="_blank" href="http://www.rembrandtfilms.com/worst-cartoons-ever.htm">The Worst Cartoons Ever</a> Includes POW WOW THE INDIAN BOY, MIGHTY MR. TITAN, PADDY THE PELICAN, SPUNKY AND TADPOLE, BUCKY AND PEPITO, SIR GEE WHIZ and more! To order a copy of this DVD (box art pictured above right) <a TARGET="_blank" href="http://www.rembrandtfilms.com/worst-cartoons-ever.htm">Click here</a><p> Also if you like bad cartoons, check <a TARGET="_BLANK" href="http://www.cartoondump.com/">CARTOON DUMP</a><p> <HR NOSHADE SIZE=5> <font color=#00000 size=5><center><b>NEW!</b> <u>The 60s TERRYTOONS Project</u></center><font color=#00000 size=3>Please <A HREF="mailto:jbeck6540@aol.com">write to me</a> if you are interested in my collection of 1960s Terrytoons cartoons. There are six volumes in this series, all are ready now. Compiled for research purposes - no fancy packaging, no fancy menus, no restoration. Just ancient cartoons. If you are interested in seeing these, write to me for details.<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="luno150.jpg" ALT="luno" HEIGHT="108" width="150" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>60s TERRYTOONS #1 (1964-65)</b><br> Roc-A-Bye Sinbad (Luno)<br> The Red Tractor (Duckworth)<br> Brother From Outer Space (Astronut)<br> Search For Misery (Pitiful Penelope)<br> Short Term Sheriff (Duckwood)<br> Oil Thru The Day (Duckwood)<br> Outer Galaxy Gazette (Astronut)<br> The Gold Dust Bandit (Luno)<br> Molecular Mixup (Astronut)<br> Gadmouse The Apprentice Good Fairy (Sad Cat)<br> The Sky's The Limit (Astronut)<br> Freight Fright (Possible Possum)<br> Don't Spill The Beans (Sad Cat)<br> Weather Magic (Astronut)<br> Darn Barn (Possible Possum)<br> Dress Reversal (Sad Cat)<br> Get That Guitar (Possible Possum)<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="jameshound150.jpg" ALT="james hound" HEIGHT="100" width="150" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>60s TERRYTOONS #2 (1965-68)</b><br> The Third Musketeer (Sad Cat)<br> The Toothless Beaver (Possible Possum)<br> Dr. Ha-Ha (James Hound)<br> Champion Chump (Martian Moochers)<br> Scuba Duba Do (Sad Cat)<br> The Monster Maker (James Hound)<br> The Cowardly Watchdog (Martian Moochers)<br> Rain Drain (James Hound)<br> Watch The Butterfly (Possible Possum)<br> Dream Napping (James Hound)<br> Mr. Win Lucky (James Hound)<br> Fancy Plants (James Hound)<br> Give Me Liberty (James Hound)<br> Dribble Drabble (Sad Cat)<br> Big Bad Bobcat (Possible Possum)<br> Surprisin' Excercisin' (Possible Possum)<br> Judo Kudos (Sad Cat)<br> The Rock Hounds (Possible Possum)<br> Mount Piney (Possible Possum)<p> <b>60s TERRYTOONS #3 - Mighty Heroes</b><br> The Plastic Blaster<br> The Frog<br> The Junker<br> The Shrinker<br> The Ghost Monster<br> The Stretcher<br> The Monsterizer<br> The Drifter<br> The Shocker<br> The Toy Man<br> The Dusters<br> The Big Freeze<br> The Timekeeper<br> The Scarecrow<br> The Time Eraser<p> <b>60s TERRYTOONS #4</b><br> <b>Mighty Heroes:</b><br> Return of the Monsterizer<br> The Paper Monster<br> The Raven<br> The Bigger Digger<br> <b>Rare TV Pilots:</b><br> The Ruby Eye Of The Monkey God<br> Sally Sargent<br> <b>Deputy Dawg:</b><br> Cotton Pickin' Picnic<br> The Yolk's On You<br> Seize You Later Alligator<br> Law and Disorder<br> Friend fox<br> National Spoof Day<br> Penguin Panic<p> <b>LARIAT SAM #1</b><br> The Great Race For Office Space<br> Badlands Cannonball<br> Rock-A-Bye Badlands<br> The People Catcher<br> Horse Opera Hoax<br> Bushwack In Toy Land<br> Ding-A-Ling Circus Saga<p> <b>LARIAT SAM #2</b><br> Watercolor Witchcraft<br> Cowhide n' Seek<br> Mark of Zero<br> Weatherman Mish Mosh<br> Arts And Craftiness<br> Below The Water Lion<p> <HR NOSHADE SIZE=5> <font color=#00000 size=5><center><u>The UB IWERKS Project</u></center><font color=#00000 size=3>Please <A HREF="mailto:jbeck6540@aol.com">write to me</a> if you are interested in my collection of 1930s Ub Iwerks cartoons. There are five volumes in this series, compiled for research purposes - no fancy packaging, no fancy menus, no restoration. Just ancient cartoons. If you are interested in seeing these, write to me for details. <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="flipposter.jpg" ALT="ub" HEIGHT="195" width="128" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>UB IWERKS #1</b><br> Fiddlesticks<br> Flying Fists<br> The Village Barber<br> The Cuckoo Murder Case<br> Laughing Gas<br> Ragtime Romeo<br> The Village Smitty<br> The Soup Song<br> Movie Mad<br> The New Car<br> Pulldle Pranks<br> Little Orphan Willie<br> Jail Birds<br> Africa Squeaks<br> The Village Specialist<br> Stormy Seas<p> <b>UB IWERKS #2</b><br> What A Life<br> The Milkman<br> Spooks<br> Fire! Fire!<br> Puppy Love<br> School Days<br> The Bully<br> The Office Boy<br> Room Runners<br> Circus<br> The Goal Rush<br> The Phoney Express<br> The Music Lesson<br> The Nurse Maid<br> Funny Face<br> Coo-Coo The Magician<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="willieposter2.jpg" ALT="ub" HEIGHT="195" width="124" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>UB IWERKS #3</b><br> Flip's Lunchroom<br> Techno-Cracked<br> Bull-oney<br> A Chinaman's Chance<br> Paleface<br> Play Ball<br> Soda Squirt<br> The Air Race<br> Spite Flight<br> Stratos Fear<br> Jack And the Beanstalk<br> Davy Jones Locker<br> The Little Red Hen<br> Hell's Fire (excerpt)<br> Robin Hood Jr.<br> The Brave Tin Soldier<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="littleblack.jpg" ALT="ub" HEIGHT="146" width="142" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>UB IWERKS #4</b><br> Insultin' The Sultan<br> Puss In Boots<br> Reducing Crme<br> Rasslin' Round<br> The Queen Of Hearts<br> The Cave Man<br> Jungle Jitters<br> Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp<br> The Good Scout<br> Viva Willie<br> The Headless Horseman<br> The Valiant Tailor<br> Don Quixote<br> Jack Frost<br> Little Black Sambo<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="humptypos.jpg" ALT="ub" HEIGHT="195" width="125" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>UB IWERKS #5</b><br> Bremen Town Musicians<br> Old Mother Hubbard<br> Mary's Little Lamb<br> Summertime<br> Sindbad the Sailor<br> The Three Bears<br> Balloon Land<br> Simple Simon<br> Humpty Dumpty<br> Ali Baba<br> Tom Thumb<br> Dick Whittington's Cat<br> Little Boy Blue<br> Happy Days<p> <HR NOSHADE SIZE=5> <font color=#00000 size=5><center>The VAN BEUREN Project</center><p><font color=#00000 size=3>Please <A HREF="mailto:jbeck6540@aol.com">write to me</a> if you are interested in a collection of Van Beuren cartoons (1929-1936) on 12 discs:<p> <TABLE Align=right> <TR> <TD><img src="box2.jpg" ALT="toons" HEIGHT="239" width="194" BORDER=1 ALIGN=right></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <b>VAN BEUREN #1</b><br> Dinner Time (1928 original version)<br> Dinner Time (Commonwealth home movie version)<br> The Faithful Pup<br> Concentrate<br> Jail Breakers<br> Wood Choppers<br> Presto Chango<br> Skating Hounds<br> Bug House College Days<br> House Cleaning Time<br> A Stone Age Romance<br> The Big Scare<br> Jungle Fool<br> The Fly's Bride (silent)<br> Summer Time<br> The Mill Pond<br> Barnyard Melody<br> Tuning In<p> <TABLE Align=right> <TR> <TD><img src="vanb5.jpg" ALT="box" HEIGHT="155" width="151" BORDER=1 ALIGN=right></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <b>VAN BEUREN #2</b><br> The Night Club<br> A Close Call<br> The Iron Man<br> Ship Ahoy<br> Singing Saps<br> Sky Skippers<br> Good Old Schooldays<br> Foolish Follies<br> Dixie Days<br> Western Whoopie<br> The Haunted Ship<br> Noah Knew His Ark<br> Oon Pah Pah<br> A Romeo Robin<br> Jungle Jazz<br> Snow Time<p> <b>VAN BEUREN #3</b><br> Hot Tamale<br> Laundry Blues<br> Frozen Frolics<br> Farm Foolery<br> Circus Capers<br> Midnight<br> The Big Cheese<br> Gypped In Egypt<br> The Office Boy<br> Stone Age Stunts<br> The King Of Bugs<br> A Toytown Tale<br> Red Riding Hood<br> The Animal Fair<p> <b>VAN BEUREN #4</b><br> Cowboy Blues<br> Radio Racket<br> College Capers<br> The Old Hokum Bucket<br> Cinderella Blues<br> Mad Melody<br> Fly Guy<br> Play Ball<br> Fisherman's Luck<br> Pale Face Pup<br> Making 'Em Move<br> Fun On The Ice<br> Wot A Night<br> Love In A Pond<br> <b>Plus Bonus Cartoon:</b> The Fly's Bride (1929) with sound<p> <TABLE Align=right> <TR> <TD><img src="fables7.jpg" ALT="book cover" HEIGHT="207" width="242" BORDER=1 ALIGN=right></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <b>VAN BEUREN #5</b><br> Fly Hi<br> Polar Pals<br> The Family Shoe<br> Fairyland Follies<br> Trouble<br> Horse Cops<br> Cowboy Cabaret<br> In Dutch<br> Jungle Jam<br> The Last Dance<br> A Swiss Trick<br> Toy Time<br> Rocketeers<br> A Romeo Monk<br> Rabid Hunters<br> <b>Plus Bonus Cartoon:</b> Custard Pies (1929)<p> <b>VAN BEUREN #6</b><br> Fly Frolic<br> The Cat's Canary<br> In The Bag<br> Joint Wipers<br> Magic Art<br> Pots and Pans<br> Happy Polo<br> Spring Antics<br> The Tuba Tooter<br> A Circus Romance<br> Plane Dumb<br> The Farmerette<br> The Stone Age Error<br> Redskin Blues<br> Chinese Jinks<br> The Ball Game<p> <b>VAN BEUREN #7</b><br> The Wild Goose Chase<br> Jolly Fish<br> Nursery Scandal<br> Barnyard Bunk<br> Down In Dixie<br> Catfish Romance<br> A Spanish Twist<br> Feathered Follies<br> Venice Vamp<br> Piano Tooners<br> Hokum Hotel<br> Pencil Mania<br> Piccaninny Blues<br> A Yarn Of Wool<br> Bugs And Books<br> <b>Plus BONUS CARTOON:</b> Bugville Romance (1930)<p> <TABLE Align=right> <TR> <TD><img src="vb1.jpg" ALT="cubby title" HEIGHT="180" width="240" BORDER=1 ALIGN=right></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <b>VAN BEUREN #8</b><br> Tight Rope Tricks<br> Silvery Moon<br> A.M. to P.M.<br> Tumble Down Town<br> The Magic Mummy<br> Opening Night<br> Panicky Pup<br> Love's Labor Won<br> The Last Mail<br> Happy Hoboes<br> Puzzled Pals<br> Runaway Blackie<br> Hook And Ladder Hokum<br> Bubbles And Troubles<br> A Dizzy Day<br> Barking Dogs<br> In The Park<p> <b>VAN BEUREN #9</b><br> Bully's End<br> Indian Whoopie<br> Doughnuts<br> Fresh Ham<br> Rough On Rats<br> Phantom Rocket<br> The Nut Factory<br> Cubby's World Flight<br> The Fatal Note<br> Cubby's Picnic<br> Marching Along<br> The Gay Gaucho<br> On The Pan<br> Galloping Fanny<br> Pals<br> Croon Crazy<p> <b>VAN BEUREN #10</b><br> The Rasslin' Match<br> Jest of Honor<br> Sinister Stuff<br> The Lion Tamer<br> Jolly Good Felons<br> Goode Knight<br> Sultan Pepper<br> How's Crops?<br> A Royal Good Time<br> Cubby's Stratosphere Flight<br> Art For Art's Sake<br> Mild Cargo<br> Cactus King<br> Fiddlin' Fun<br> Grandfather's Clock<p> <b>VAN BEUREN #11</b><br> Pastry Town Wedding<br> Along Came A Duck<br> A Little Bird Told Me<br> The Parrotville Fire Department<br> The Sunshine Makers<br> Parrotville Old Folks<br> Japanese Lanterns<br> Spinning Mice<br> A Picnic Panic<br> The Merry Kittens<br> Parrotville Post Office<br> Rag Dog<br> The Hunting Season<br> Scottie Finds A Home<br> Bird Scouts<br> Molly Moo Cow and the Indians<p> <b>VAN BEUREN #12</b><br> Molly Moo Cow and the Butterflies<br> Molly Moo Cow and Rip Van Winkle<br> Toonerville Trolley<br> Felix The Cat and The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs<br> Molly Moo Cow and Robinson Crusoe<br> Neptune Nonsense<br> Bold King Cole<br> A Waif's Welcome<br> Trolley Ahoy<br> Cupid Gets His Man<br> It's a Greek Life<br> Toonerville Picnic<br> <b>BONUS CARTOONS</b><br> Mischievous Mice (unreleased)<br> Magic Art (better print)<p> <HR NOSHADE SIZE=5> <font color=#00000 size=5><center><b><u>The LOST FLEISCHER Project</u></b></center><p><font color=#00000 size=3>I have compiled a private collection of the rarest Fleischer titles that have never, <i>and will never,</i> be released on DVD. Please write to me if you have any questions.<p><TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="hotdogtitle.jpg" ALT="hot dog" HEIGHT="111" width="172" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b><u>LOST FLEISCHER #1</u><br>TALKARTOONS</b><br>Noah's Lark<br> Radio Riot<br> Hot Dog<br>Fire Bugs<br>Wise Flies<br>Swing You Sinners!<br> Grand Uproar<br> Sku Scraping<br> Up To Mars<br>Teacher's Pest<br> The Male Man<br> Twenty Legs Under The Sea<br>The Herring Murder Case<br> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="pudgy3.jpg" ALT="lost kitten" HEIGHT="113" width="160" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b>BETTY BOOP</b><br>Pudgy And The Lost Kitten<br> Buzzy Boop<br> Yip Yip Yippy<p><b><u>LOST FLEISCHER #2</u><br>ANIMATED ANTICS</b><br> The Dandy Lion<br>Sneak, Snoop and Snitch<br>Mommy Loves Puppy<br> Bring Himself Back Alive<br>Wild Oysters<br> Zero The Hound<br> Twinkletoes Gets The Bird<br>Triple Trouble<br> Twinkletoes: Where He Goes, Nobody Knows<br> Copy Cat<br> The Wizard Of Arts<br> Twinkletoes In Hat Stuff<br> <b>TWO REEL SPECIALS</b><br>Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy<br>The Raven<p><b><u>LOST FLEISCHER #3</u><br> SCREEN SONGS</b><br> Chinatown, My China Town<br> Smiles<br> Oh, You Beautiful Doll<br> After The Ball<br> Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet<br> I've Got Rings On My Fingers<br> Bedelia<br> In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree<br> I'm Afraid To Come Home In The Dark<br>The Prisoners Song<br> La Paloma<br> I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles<br> Yes! We Have No Bananas<br> Come Take Trip In My Airship<br> In The Good Old Summertime<br> A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight<p><TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="blowingbubbles.jpg" ALT="screen song" HEIGHT="149" width="200" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b><u>LOST FLEISCHER #4</u><br>SCREEN SONGS</b><br>Stein Song<br> Strike Up The Band<br> My Gal Sal<br> Mariutch<br> On A Sunday Afternoon<br> Row, Row, Row<br>Please Go Away And Let Me Sleep<br> By The Beautiful Sea<br> I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now<br>I'd Climb The Highest Mountain<br> Somebody Stole My Gal<br> Alexander's Ragtime Band<br> My Wife's Gone To The Country<br> And The Green Grass Grows All Around<br> That Old Gang Of Mine<br> Betty Co-Ed<p><b>BONUS</b><br> In My Merry Oldsmobile<p><TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="poster3.jpg" ALT="screen song" HEIGHT="343" width="225" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b><u>LOST FLEISCHER #5</b></u><br> <b><u>SCREEN SONGS</b></u><br> You're Driving Me Crazy<br> Little Annie Rooney<br> By The Light Of the Silvery Moon<br> My Baby Just Cares For Me<br> Russian Lullaby<br> Sweet Jenny Lee<br> Show Me the Way to Go Home<br> When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin Along<br> Wait Til The Sun Shines Nelly<br> Just One More Chance<br> Shine On Harvest Moon<br> I Ain't Got Nobody<br> Down Among the Sugar Cane<br> Just A Gigolo<br> School Days<br> Romantic Melodies<p> <b><u>LOST FLEISCHER #6</b></u><br> SCREEN SONGS<br> When It's Sleepy Time Down South<br> Sing A Song<br> Time On My Hands<br> Dinah<br> Ain't She Sweet<br> Reaching For the Moon<br> Aloha Oe<br> Popular Melodies<br> The Peanut Vendor<br> Song Shopping<br> Boilesk<br> Sing Sisters Sing<br> Down By the Old Mill Stream<br> Stoopnocracy<p> <b><u>LOST FLEISCHER #7</b></u><br> SCREEN SONGS<br> When Yuba Plays the Rhumba on the Tuba<br> Boo Boo Theme Song<br> I Like Mountain Music<br> Sing Babies Sing<br> Keeps Rainin' All the Time<br> Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing<br> Tune Up and Sing<br> Lazy Bones<br> This Little Piggie Went To Market<br> She Reminds Me Of You<br> Love Thy Neighbor<br> I Wished on the Moon<br> It's Easy to Remember<br> No Other One <br> I Feel Like A Feather In the Breeze<br> I Don't Want to Make History<br> The Hills Of Old Wyomin'<p> <b><u>LOST FLEISCHER #8</b></u><br> I Can't Escape From You<br> Talking Through My Heart<br> Never Should Have Told You<br> Twilight On The Trail<br> Please Keep Me In Your Dreams<br> You Came To My Rescue<br> Whispers In The Dark<br> Magic On Broadway<br> You Took The Words Right Out Of My Heart<br> Thanks For The Memory<br> You Leave Me Breathless<br> <b>BONUS CARTOONS</b><br> Step On It (1931)<br> Hide and Seek (1931)<br> Tree Saps (1932)<br> Tears of an Onion (1938)<p> <b><u>LOST FLEISCHER #9</b></u><br> STONE AGE<br> Way Back When a Nag Was Only a Horse<br> Granite Hotel<br> Way Back When a Night Club Was a Stick<br> The Foul Ball Player<br> The Ugly Dino<br> Wedding Belts<br> Way Back When a Razzberry Was a Fruit<br> The Fulla Bluff Man<br> Springtime In The Rockage<br> Pedagogical Institution (College To You)<br> Way Back When Women Had Their Weigh<br> BONUS MATERIAL<br> Romantic Melodies (complete)<br> Just One More Chance (Complete)<br> Dave Fleischer in Trocadero (excerpt)<br> Jam Handy test film<p> <HR NOSHADE SIZE=5> <font color=#00000 size=5><center>The SILENT FLEISCHER Project</center><font color=#00000 size=3>This is my collection of silent-era Fleischer cartoons. There are seven volumes in this series.<p> <b>SILENT FLEISCHER #1</b><br> The Clown's Pup<br> Tantalizing Fly<br> Kangaroo<br> The Chinaman<br> The Circus<br> Ouija Board<br> The Clown's Little Brother<br> Perpetual Motion<br> Automobile Ride<br> Fishing<br> Invisible Ink<br> Dancing Doll<br> Bubbles<br> Flies<br> Payday<br> Hypnotist<br> The Challenge<br> The Show<br> Reunion<br> Birthday<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="koko150.jpg" ALT="paramount" HEIGHT="180" width="150" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>SILENT FLEISCHER #2</b><br> Jumping Beans<br> Modeling<br> Bedtime<br> Surprise<br> Puzzle<br> Trapped<br> False Alarm<br> Fortune Teller<br> The Contest<br> Masquerade<br> Clay Town<br> Vacation<br> Vaudeville<br> League Of Nations<br> If Matches Struck<p> <b>SILENT FLEISCHER #3</b><br> Sparring Partner<br> Animated Hair 1<br> Animated Hair 2<br> Animated Hair 3<br> The Cure<br> Koko The Hot Shot<br> Cartoon Factory<br> Mother Goose Land<br> Koko in Toyland<br> Koko The Barber<br> Big Chief Koko<br> Koko's Storm<br> Koko Trains 'Em<br> Koko Spooks<br> Koko Nuts<br> Koko Packs Up<br> Koko on the Run<p> <b>SILENT FLEISCHER #4</b><br> Koko's Thanksgiving<br> Nellie Gray<br> Has Anyone Here Seen Kelly?<br> Koko's Paradise<br> Koko Baffles the Bulls<br> My Old Kentucky Home<br> It's The Cats<br> Sweet Adeline<br> Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!<br> Coming Through The Rye<br> Toot Toot!<br> Koko Hot After It<br> In The Good Old Summertime<br> Pack Up Your Troubles<br> Fade-away<br> By The Light Of the Silvery Moon<p> <b>SILENT FLEISCHER #5</b><br> Koko The Convict<br> Koko Gets Egg-Cited<br> Koko's Queen<br> Margie<br> When The Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves<br> Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning<br> My Old Kentucky Home<br> The Tumble Down Shack in Athlone<br> Koko Back Tracks<br> Koko Makes 'Em Laugh<br> Koko in 1999<br> Koko Needles The Boss<br> Koko Plays Pool<br> Koko's Kane<br> Koko The Knight<br> Koko Hops Off<br> Koko The Kop<br> Koko Explores<p> <b>SILENT FLEISCHER #6</b><br> Koko Chops Suey<br> Koko's Clock (Koko's Alarm)<br> Koko's Quest<br> Koko The Kid<br> Koko's Kink<br> Koko's Germ Jam<br> Koko Smokes<br> Koko's Tatoo<br> Koko's Earth Control<br> Koko's Haunted House<br> Koko Lamps Aladdin<br> Koko's Field Daze<br> Koko's War Dogs (Koko Salutes)<br> Koko's Magic<br> Koko's Courtship<br> No Eyes Today<p> <b>SILENT FLEISCHER #7</b><br> Koko's Reward<br> Koko's Hot Ink<br> Koko's Conquest<br> Koko's Harem Scarem<br> Koko's Big Sale<br> Koko's Hypnotism<br> Chemical Koko<br> <b>Plus Bonus Cartoons</b><br> Fishing (complete version)<br> Balloons<br> Shadows<br> Trip To Mars<p> <HR NOSHADE SIZE=5> <font color=#00000 size=5><center>The 40s PARAMOUNT Project</center><font color=#00000 size=3>Please <A HREF="mailto:jbeck6540@aol.com">write to me</a> if you are interested in my collection of 1940s Paramount cartoons. There are seven volumes in this series. These are down &amp; dirty raw transfers from a private collection of hard-to-find, public domain 16mm home movie prints. No fancy packaging, no fancy menus, no restoration. Just ancient cartoons. If you interested in seeing these, write to me for details. <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="herman9.jpg" ALT="paramount" HEIGHT="120" width="160" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>FAMOUS 1940s #1</b><br> No Mutton For Nuttin'<br>Eggs Don't Bounce<br>Henpecked Rooster<br>Hullaba-Lulu<br>Cilly Goose<br>Lulu Gets The Birdie<br>Suddenly It's Spring<br>Lulu In Hollywood<br>Lucky Lulu<br>It's Nifty To Be Thrifty<br>I'm Just Curious<br> Lulu's Indoor Outing<br>Lulu At The Zoo<br>Yankee Doodle Donkey<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="lulu9.jpg" ALT="lulu logo" HEIGHT="114" width="156" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>FAMOUS 1940s #2</b><br> Gabriel Churchkitten<br> Lulu's Birthday Party<br> When G.I. Johnny Comes Home<br> MagicaLulu<br>Scrappily Married<br>Beau-Ties<br> A Lamb In A Jam<br>Daffy Dilly Dadd<br>Snap Happy<br> A Self-Made Mongrel<br>The Friendly Ghost<br>Man's Pest Friend<br>Old MacDonald Had A Farm<br>Bargain Counter Attack<br> Cheese Burglar<br> <p> <b>FAMOUS 1940s #3</b><br> Bored Of Education<br>Sheep Shape<br>Chick and Double Chick<br> The Goal Rush<br> Sudden Fried Chicken<br>Musicalulu<br> Scout With The Gout<br>The Stupidstitious Cat<br> The Enchanted Square<br> Loose In The Caboose<br>Madhattan Island<br> Cad And Carry<br>Much Ado About Mutton<br> The Wee Men<br>The Mild West<br> A Bout With A Trout<p><TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="parass.jpg" ALT="screen song" Height="117" Width="159" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b>FAMOUS 1940s #4</b><br> Naughty But Mice<br> Super Lulu<br> The Baby Sitter<br> Santa's Surprise<br> Circus Comes To Town<br> Base Brawl<br> The Dog Show-Off<br> Flip Flap<br> Little Brown Jug<br>The Golden State<br> We're In The Honey<br> Winter Draws On<br> The Bored Cuckoo<br> There's Good Boo's Tonight<br> The Land Of The Lost<br>Sing Or Swim<p><b>FAMOUS 1940s #5</b><br>Butterscotch and Soda<br> Camptown Races<br> The Lone Star State<br>The Mite Makes Right<br> Hector's Hectic Life<br> The Old Shell Game<br> The Funshine State<br> The Little Cut-Up<br>Hep Cat Symphony<br> The Emerald Isle<br> Comin' Round The Mountain<br> The Lost Dream<br> The Stork Market<br> Little Red School Mouse<br> A-Haunting We Will Go<br>A Mutt In A Rut<p><TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="slide6.jpg" ALT="title" Height="155" Width="215" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b>FAMOUS 1940s #6</b><br>Spring Song<br> The Ski's The Limit<br>Campus Capers<br>Toys Will Be Toys<br>Farm Foolery<br>Our Funny Finny Friends<br> Marriage Wows<br> The Big Flame Up<br>Leprechaun's Gold<br> Strollin' Through The Park<br> Song Of The Birds<br>The Big Drip<br> Snow Foolin'<br>Land of Lost Jewels<br> Blue Hawaii<br> Detouring Through Maine<p> <br><b>FAMOUS 1940s #7</b><br>Quack-A-Doodle Doo<br> Shortin' Bread<br> Teacher's Pest<br>Win Place &amp; Showboat<br> Jingle Jangle Jungle<br>Tarts and Flowers<br>Ups and Downs Derby<br> Heap Hep Injuns<br> Pleased To Eat You<br> Gobs of Fun<br>Goofy Goofy Gander<br>Helter Swelter<br> Save By The Bell<br> Boos In The Night<br>Casper's Spree Under The Sea<br>Mice Meeting You<p><HR NOSHADE SIZE=5><p> <font color=#00000 size=5><center>The 50s PARAMOUNT Project</center><font color=#00000 size=3>Please <A HREF="mailto:jbeck6540@aol.com">write to me</a> if you are interested in my collection of 1950s Paramount cartoons. There are fourteen volumes in this series, compiled for research purposes - no fancy packaging, no fancy menus, no restoration. Just ancient cartoons. If you are interested in seeing these, write to me for details. <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="fifx.jpg" ALT="par logo" HEIGHT="117" width="160" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>50s PARAMOUNT #1</b><br> Voice of The Turkey<br> Fiesta Time<br> Fresh Yeggs<br> Sock-A-Bye Kitty<br> Once Upon A Rhyme<br> One Quack Mind<br> Tweet Music<br> Mice Paradise<br> Boo-Hoo Baby<br> Drippy Mississippi<br> Hold The Lion Please<br> Land of Lost Watches<br> Miners Forty-Niners<br> As The Crow Lies<br> To Boo Or Not To Boo<br> Sing Again Of Michigan<br> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="cas8.jpg" ALT="original casper logo" HEIGHT="115" width="160" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>50s PARAMOUNT #2</b><br> Slip Us Some Redskin<br> Boo Scout<br> Party Smarty<br> Casper Comes To Clown<br> Cat-Choo<br> Audrey the Rainmaker<br> Cat Tamale<br> Vegetable Vaudeville<br> Casper Takes a Bow Wow<br> By Leaps and Hounds<br> Scout Fellow<br> Snooze Reel<br> Deep Boo Sea<br> Off We Glow<br> Cat Carson Rides Again<br> Ghost of the Town<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="kartune.jpg" ALT="kartune" Height="99" Width="140" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>50s PARAMOUNT #3</b><br> The Awful Tooth<br> Fun At The Fair<br> Law and Audrey<br> Spunky Skunky<br> Dizzy Dinosaurs<br> City Kitty<br> Cage Fright<br> Gag And Baggage<br> Clown on the Farm<br> Pig-A-Boo<br> Mice-Capades<br> True Boo<br> Forrest Fantasy<br> The Case of The Cockeyed Canary<br> Feast and Furious<br> Hysterical History<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="fif5.jpg" ALT="herman and katnip" Height="114" Width="158" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>50s PARAMOUNT #4</b><br> Frightday The 13th<br> Of Mice and Magic<br> Starting From Hatch<br> Spook No Evil<br> Philharmaniacs<br> Winner By a Hare<br> Aero-Nutics<br> Herman the Catoonist<br> North Pal<br> Better Bait Than Never<br> Invention Convention<br> By The Old Mill Scream<br> Surf Bored<br> No Place Like Rome<br> Little Boo Peep<br> Drinks On The Mouse<p> <b>50s PARAMOUNT #5</b><br> Do or Diet<br> Huey's Ducky Daddy<br> Boo's And Saddles<br> Northwest Mousie<br> Boo Moon<br> The Seapreme Court<br> Crazy Town<br> Surf And Sound<br> Zero The Hero<br> Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow<br> Casper Genie<br> Candy Cabaret<br> Of Mice and Menace<br> Puss n' Boo's<br> The Oily Bird<br> Ship A-Hooey<p> <b>50s PARAMOUNT #6</b><br> Boo's And Arrows<br> Fido Beta Kappa<br> Rail Rodents<br> Boo Ribbon Winner<br> No If's Ands Or Butts<br> Hide And Shriek<br> Dizzy Dishes<br> Robin Rodenthood<br> Keep Your Grin Up<br> Git Along Lil' Duckie<br> A Biecp Built For Two<br> Spooking With A Brogue<br> News Hound<br> Poop Goes The Weasel<br> Bull Fright<br> Mouse Trapeze<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="kitty.jpg" ALT="kitty" HEIGHT="115" width="158" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>50s PARAMOUNT #7</b><br> Rabbit Punch<br> Little Audry Riding Hood<br> Red White And Boo<br> Mousier Herman<br> Boo Kind To Animals<br> Kitty Cornered<br> Ground Hog Play<br> Mouseum<br> Sleuth But Sure<br> Dutch Treat<br> Swab the Duck<br> Penguin For Your Thoughts<br> Will Do Mousework<br> Pedro And Lorenzo<br> Mousetro Herman<br> Line Of Screammage<p> BONUS ORIGINAL END TITLES<br> Pedro And Lorenzo<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="madcap1.jpg" ALT="modern" HEIGHT="117" width="159" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE> <b>50s PARAMOUNT #8</b><br> Sir Irving And Jeames<br> Fright From Wrong<br> Hide and Peak<br> Lion In the Roar<br> Spooking About Africa<br> Pest Pupil<br> Cat In The Act<br> Hooky Spooky<br> Fishing Tackler<br> Peek-A-Boo<br> Mr. Money Gags<br> Sky Scrappers<br> L'Amour The Merrier<br> Ghost Of Honor<br> From Mad To Worse<br> Ice Scream<p> <b>50s PARAMOUNT #9</b><br> Possum Pearl<br> Jumping With Toy<br> Jolly The Clown<br> Boo Bop<br> One Funny Knight<br> Cock-A-Doodle Dino<br> Dante Dreamer<br> Heir Restorer<br> Sportickles<br> Spook And Span<br> Grateful Gus<br> Frighty Cat<br> Finnegan's Flea<br> Ghost Writers<br> Which is Witch<br> Okay Dokey Donkey<br> <b>BONUS ORIGINAL END TITLES</b><br> Jolly The Clown<p> <b>50s PARAMOUNT #10</b><br> Chew Chew Baby<br> Travelaffs<br> You Said A Mouseful<br> Good Scream Fun<br> Stork Raving Mad<br> Right Off The Bat<br> Dawg Gawn<br> Owly To Bed<br> Doing What's Fright<br> The Animal Fair<br> Fit To Be Toyed<br> Felineous Assault<br> Le Petite Parade<br> Down To Mirth<br> Fun On Furlough<br> Houndabout<p> <b>50s PARAMOUNT #11</b><br> Huey's Father's Day<br> Not Ghoulty<br> Spooking Of Ghosts<br> Casper's Birthday Party<br> Talking Horse Sense<br> T.V. Fuddlehead<br> Katnip's Big Day<br> Out Of This Whirl<br> Mike The Masquerader<br> The Boss Is Always Right<br> Be Mice To Cats<br> Fiddle Faddle<br> Trouble Date<br> From Dime To Dime<br> Monkey Doodles<br> Trigger Treat<p> <b>50s PARAMOUNT #12</b><br> Silly Science<br> Peck Your Own Home<br> Busy Buddies<br> The Shoe Must Go On<br> Counter Attack<br> Top Cat<br> Electronica<br> Turning The Fables<br> Shootin' Stars<br> Fine Feathered Fiend<br> Scouting For Trouble<br> Disguise The Limit<br> Galaxia<br> The Planet Mouseola<br> Bouncing Benny<br> Northern Mites<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="cat3.jpg" ALT="the cat" HEIGHT="117" width="159" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE> <b>50s PARAMOUNT #13</b><br> Terry The Terror<br> Miceniks<br> Cool Cat Blues<br> Phantom Moustacher<br> The Lion's Busy<br> The Kid From Mars<br> Goodie The Gremlin<br> The Mighty Termite<br> Hound About That<br> In The Nicotine<br> Trick Or Tree<br> The Inquisit Visit<br> Bopin' Hood<br> Cape Kidnaveral<br> Turtle Scoop<br> Cane and Able<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="abner2.jpg" ALT="abner the baseball" HEIGHT="116" width="158" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE> <b>50s PARAMOUNT #14</b><br> Abner The Baseball<br> Kozmo Goes To School<br> The Plot Sickens<br> Perry Popgun<br> Crumley Cogwheel<br> Without Time Or Reason<br> Popcorn and Politics<br> Good and Guilty<br> Giddy Gadgets<br> Hi-Fi Jinx<br> TV or No TV<br> Funderful Suburbia<br> <b>BONUS FEATURE</b><br> Matty's Funday Funnies<p> <HR NOSHADE SIZE=5> <font color=#00000 size=5><center>The 60s PARAMOUNT Project</center><font color=#00000 size=3>Please <A HREF="mailto:jbeck6540@aol.com">write to me</a> if you are interested in my collection of 1960s Paramount cartoons. There are seven volumes in this series, compiled for research purposes - no fancy packaging, no fancy menus, no restoration. Just ancient cartoons. If you are interested in seeing these, write to me for details. <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="king2.jpg" ALT="comic king" HEIGHT="116" width="159" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>PARAMOUNT 1960s #1</b><br> Alvin's Solo Flight<br> Munro<br> Samson Scrap<br> Frog's Legs<br> Anatole<br> Snuffy's Song<br> The Method And Maw<br> The Hat<br> Penny Pals<br> Yule Laff<br> The Robot Ringer<br> It's For The Birdies<br> Mouse Blanche<br> One Of the Family<br> Fiddlin' Around<br> Ollie The Owl<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="madcap1.jpg" ALT="modern" HEIGHT="117" width="159" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>PARAMOUNT 1960s #2</b><br> Drum Up A Tenant<br> Good Snooze Tonight<br> One Weak Vacation<br> A Sight For Squaw Eyes<br> Trash Program<br> Gramps To The Rescue<br> Harry Happy<br> Hobo's Holiday<br> Tell Me A Badtime Story<br> Hound For Pound<br> The Pigs Feat<br> Sour Gripes<br> The Sheepish Wolf<br> Goodies Good Deed<br> Hiccup Hound<br> Muggy-Doo, Boy Cat<br> Whiz Quiz Kid<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="swifty.jpg" ALT="swifty" HEIGHT="119" width="160" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>PARAMOUNT 1960s #3</b><br> <b>*Swifty & Shorty</b><br> Panhandling on Madison Avenue*<br> Fizzicle Fizzle*<br> Sailing Zero*<br> Fix That Clock*<br> A Friend In Tweed*<br> The Once-Over*<br> Service With A Smile*<br> Call Me A Taxi*<br> Highway Snobbery*<br> Hip Hip OIle*<br> Robot Rival<br> Laddy And His Lamp<br> Accidents Will Happen*<br> And So Tibet<br> The Bus Way To Travel*<br> Readin' Writhin' and 'Rithmetic<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="nov7.jpg" ALT="noveltoon" HEIGHT="120" width="160" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>PARAMOUNT 1960s #4</b><br> Near Sighted and Far Out<br> A Tiger's Tail<br> Homer On The Range<br> Horning In<br> A Hair Raising Tale<br> Cagey Business<br> The Story Of George Washington<br> A Leak In The Dike<br> Poor Little Witch Girl<br> The Itch<br> Inferior Decorator<br> Here's Nudick<br> Solitary Refinement<br> Ocean Bruise<br> Shoeflies<br> Tally-Hokum<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="madcapx.jpg" ALT="kneitel" HEIGHT="117" width="157" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>PARAMOUNT 1960s #5</b><br> The Outside Dope<br> Drive On, Nudnik<br> Getting Ahead<br> Home Sweet Nudnik<br> Le Boys<br> Geronimo And Son<br> Op, Pop, Wham and Bop<br> Sick Transit<br> Space Kid<br> Welcome Nudnik<br> Baggin' The Dragon<br> From Nags To Witches<br> Trick or Cheat<br> I Want My Mummy<br> Nudnick on The Roof<br> A Balmy Knight<br> The Defiant Giant<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="gogox.jpg" ALT="go go" HEIGHT="118" width="157" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>PARAMOUNT 1960s #6</b><br> Throne For a Loss<br> Potions and Notions<br> A Wedding Knight<br> Who Needs Nudick??<br> Nudnik On the Beach<br> Good Neighbor Nudnik<br> Two By Two<br> Windy Day<br> The Black Sheep Blacksmith<br> Nudnik's Nudnickel<br> Think Or Sink<br> My Daddy The Astronaut<br> The Trip<br> Alter Egotist<br> The Squaw Path<br> The Plumber<br> Robin Hoodwinked<p> <b>PARAMOUNT 1960s #7</b><br> Clean Sweep<br> High But Not Dry<br> Brother Bat<br> Forget Me Nuts<br> The Stuck Up Wolf<br> Nudnik On A Shoestring<br> A Bridge Grows In Brooklyn<br> The Stubborn Cowboy<br> Nudnik's Nudnickel<br> I Remember Nudnik<br> The Opera Caper<br> Keep The Cool Baby<br> The Fuz<br> The Mini-Squirts<br> Marvin Digs<br> Mouse Trek<p> <HR NOSHADE SIZE=5><p><TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="mintz.jpg" ALT="orig end title" HEIGHT="117" width="160" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><font color=#00000 size=5><center><u><b>The CHARLES MINTZ Project</u></b></center><p><font color=#00000 size=3>I have compiled a collection of over 350 rare Columbia. 23 Volumes, ranging from 1930 to 1949, are listed <a TARGET="_blank" href="dvdtitles.html">here</a><p>For more details about these DVDs write to <A HREF="mailto:jbeck6540@aol.com">jbeck6540@aol.com</a> <HR NOSHADE SIZE=5><p> <A NAME="DVD"></A><font color=#00000 size=5><center><b><u>The TERRYTOONS project</u></b></center><p><font color=#00000 size=3>The Terrytoon Project is an attempt by animation historians to preserve the Terrytoons of the 1930s and 40s for research purposes. 37 Volumes (so far) cover the studio's output in chronologic order from 1930 to 1960 (and more to come). These are down and dirty raw transfers from a private collection of hard-to-find, but legally sold, 16mm home movie prints. No fancy packaging, no fancy menus, no restoration. Just ancient cartoons. And lots of mice. If you interested in seeing these, write to me for details.<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="farmeral.jpg" ALT="farmer al falfa" HEIGHT="251" width="212" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 1 (1930-31)</b><br>PREZTELS<br>INDIAN PUDDING<br>ROMAN PUNCH<br>CODFISH BALLS<br>HUNGARIAN GOULASH<br>MONKEY MEAT<br>DUTCH TREAT<br>JUMPING BEANS<br>SCOTCH HIGHBALL<br>SALT WATER TAFFY<br>PIGSKIN CAPERS<br>DANCING MICE (aka CLUB SANDWICH)<br>RAZZBERRIES<br>GO WEST BIG BOY<br>THE EXPLORER<br>BY THE SEA<br>JAZZ MAD<br>CANADIAN CAPERS<p><TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="ttape1.jpg" ALT="ape girl" HEIGHT="119" width="159" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 2 (1931-1932)</b><br>JESSE AND JAMES<br>THE CHAMP<br>THE LORELEI<br>ALADDIN'S LAMP<br> NOAH'S OUTLING<br> PEG LEG PETE<br>YE OLDE SONGS<br> BULL ERO<br>RADIO GIRL<br>WOODLAND<br>ROMANCE<br> BLUEBEARD'S BROTHER<br>BEDTIME STORY<br>MAD KING<br> COCKY COCKROACH<br> SPRING IS HERE<br> FARMER AL FALFA'S APE GIRL<br> SHERMAN WAS RIGHT<p><TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="ttape2.jpg" ALT="main title" HEIGHT="118" width="160" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 3 (1932-1933)</b><br>BURLESQUE<br>FARMER AL FALFA'S BIRTHDAY PARTY<br> COLLEGE SPIRIT<br> HOOK & LADDER #1<br>FORTY THEIVES<br>TOYLAND<br>HOLLYWOOD DIET<br>IRELAND OR BUST<br> JEALOUS LOVER<br>ROBIN HOOD<br> HANSEL AND GRETAL<br> TALE OF A SHIRT<br>DOWN ON THE LEVEE<br> WHO KILLED COCK ROBIN<br> OH SUSANNA<br>ROMEO AND JULIET<br> PIRATE SHIP<br> TROPICAL FISH<br>CINDERELLA<br> KING ZILCH<br> <br><i>Bonus Cartoon:</i> THE FAMILY ALBUM (Terry Industrial film)<p><TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="ttape4.jpg" ALT="end title" HEIGHT="114" width="159" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 4 (1933-1934)</b><br>THE BANKERS DAUGHTER<br> THE OIL CAN MYSTERY<br> FANNY IN THE LION'S DEN<br> HYNOTIC EYES<br>FANNY'S WEDDING DAY<br> GRAND UPROAR<br> PICK-NECKING<br>A GYPSY FIDDLER<br>BEANSTALK JACK<br>THE VILLAGE BLACKSMITH<br>ROBINSON CRUSOE<br> LITTLE BOY BLUE<br>IN VENICE<br> HOLLAND DAYS<br> THE THREE BEARS<br> RIP VAN WINKLE<br> THE LAST STRAW<br> THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT<br> A MAD HOUSE<br> JOE'S LUNCH WAGON<p><TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="box3.jpg" ALT="16mm" HEIGHT="212" width="218" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 5 (1934)</b><br>JUST A CLOWN<br> THE KING'S DAUGHTER<br> THE LION'S FRIEND<br> PANDORA<br> SLOW BUT SURE<br> SEE THE WORLD<br> MY LADY'S GARDEN<br> IRISH SWEEPSTAKES<br> BUSTED BLOSSOMS<br> MICE IN COUNCIL<br> WHY MULES LEAVE HOME<br>JAILBIRDS<br> THE BLACK SHEEP<br> THE MAGIC FISH<br> HOT SANDS<br> TOM, TOM, THE PIPERS SON<br>JACK'S SHACK<br> SOUTH POLE OR BUST<br>THE DOG SHOW<p><TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="box4.jpg" ALT="terry" HEIGHT="215" width="219" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b>TERRYTOONS VOL. 6 - 1935</b><br> THE FIRST SNOW<br> WHAT A NIGHT<br> BULLFIGHT<br>FIREMAN, SAVE MY CHILD<br>MOTH AND THE SPIDER<br>PEG LEG PETE, THE PIRATE<br>OLD DOG TRAY<br> FLYING OIL<br>A MODERN RED RIDING HOOD<br>FIVE PUPLETS<br>OPERA NIGHT<br>KING LOONEY XIV<br> MOANS AND GROANS<br> THE FOXY-FOX<br> BIRDLAND<br>CIRCUS DAYS<br> HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE&lt<br> FOILED AGAIN<p><b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 7 - 1935-36</b><br>FOOTBALL<br>A JUNE BRIDE<br> SOUTHERN HORSE-PITALITY<br> YE OLDE TOY SHOP<br> THE MAYFLOWER<br>THE FEUD<br> THE 19th HOLE CLUB<br> HOME TOWN OLYMPICS<br>THE ALPINE YODELER<br> BARNYARD AMATEURS<br> OFF TO CHINA<br> THE WESTERN TRAIL<br>A WOLF IN CHEAP CLOTHING<br> ROLLING STONES<br> THE RUNT<br> THE BUSY BEE<br>THE SAILOR'S HOME<br> A TOUGH EGG<br> Bonus: FARMYARD WHOOPEE - Castle print of "Why Mules Leave Home" (1934)<p><b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 8 - 1936-37</b><br> THE HOT SPELL<br> PUDDY AND THE GYPSIES<br> FARMER AL FALFA'S PRIZE PACKAGE<br> KIKO AND THE HONEY BEARS<br> THE HEALTH FARM<br> A BULLY FROG<br> KIKO FOILS A FOX<br>SUNKEN TREASURE<br> A BATTLE ROYAL<br> ROBIN HOOD IN AN ARROW ESCAPE<br>FARMER AL FALFA'S 20th ANNIVERSARY<br>CATS IN THE BAG<br> SKUNKED AGAIN<br> SALTY McGUIRE<br>TIN CAN TOURIST<br>PUDDY IN THE BOOK SHOP<br>BIG GAME HUNT<br>RED HOT MUSIC<p><TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="kikopost.jpg" ALT="kiko" HEIGHT="278" width="190" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 9 - 1937</b><br> FLYING SOUTH<br>THE HAY RIDE<br>BUG CARNIVAL<br> SCHOOL VBIRDS<br> PUDDY'S CORONATION<br> OZZIE OSTRICH COMES TO TOWN<br> PLAY BALL<br> MECHANICAL COW<br> PINK ELEPHANTS<br> HOMELESS PUP<br>PAPER HAMGERS<br>TRAILER LIFE<br> THE VILLIAN STILL PURSUED HER<br> KIKO'S CLEANING DAY<br>A CLOSE SHAVE<br>THE DANCING BEAR<br> THE SAW MILL MYSTERY<br>THE DOG AND THE BONE<p><b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 10 - 1937-38</b><br>THE TIMID RABBIT<br> BILLY GOAT WHISKERS<br> BARNYARD BOSS<br> THE LION HUNT<br> BUGS BEETLE AND HIS ORCHESTRA<br>HIS OFF DAY<br> JUST ASK JUPITER<br>GANDY THE GOOSE<br>HAPPY AND LUCKY<br> A MOUNTAIN ROMANCE<br> ROBINSON CRUSOE'S BROADCAST<br>THE BIG TOP<br> DEVIL OF THE DEEP<br>HERE'S TO GOOD OLD JAIL<br>THE LAST INDIAN<br>MILK FOR BABY<br> MRS. O'LEARY'S COW<p><TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="terr13,jpg" ALT="terrytoon" HEIGHT="117" width="150" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 11 - 1938-39</b><br> CHRIS COLOMBO<br>CHRIS COLOMBO (alternate version)<br> STRING BEAN JACK<br> GOOSE FLIES HIGH<br> WOLF'S SIDE OF THE STORY<br>THE GLASS SLIPPER<br> THE NEWCOMER<br> HOUSEWIFE HERMAN<br> DOOMSDAY<br> THE FRAME-UP<br> THE OWL and THE PUSSYCAT<br>ONE GUN GARY<br>THE THREE BEARS<br> FROZEN FEET<br> G-MAN JITTERS<br>THE NUTTY NETWORK<br>THE CUCKOO BIRD<br> THEIR LAST BEAN<p><b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 12 - 1939-40</b><br> BARNYARD EGG-CITEMENT<br> NICK'S COFFEE POT<br> THE PRIZE GUEST<br> A BULLY ROMANCE<br> AFRICA SQUAWKS<br>THE TWO-HEADED GIANT<br> BARNYARD BASEBALL<br>THE GOLDEN WEST<br>SHEEP IN THE MEADOW<br> HOOK, LINE & SINKER<br> THE ORPHAN DUCK<br> THE WATCHDOG<br> ONE MOUSE IN A MILLION<br>A WICKY-WACKY ROMANCE<br> THE HITCHHIKER<br>THE ICE POND<br>THE FIRST ROBIN<br> A DOG IN THE MANSION<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 13 - 1940</b><br>EDGAR RUNS AGAIN<br> HARVEST TIME<br>HARE AND THE HOUNDS<br>ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL<br> MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING<br> IT MUST BE LOVE<br>JUST A LITTLE BULL<br> WOT'S ALL THE SHOOTIN' FER<br>SWISS SKI YODELERS<br>CATNIP CAPERS<br>ROVER'S RESCUE<br>RUPERT THE RUNT<br>LOVE IN A COTTAGE<br>BILLY MOUSE'S AKWAKADE<br>CLUB LIFE IN THE STONE AGE<br>LUCKY DUCK<br>TOUCHDOWN DEMONS<br>HOW WET WAS MY OCEAN<p><TABLE Align=right&gt; &lt;TR&gt; &lt;TD&gt;&lt;img src="horsefly.jpg" ALT="horsefly opera" HEIGHT="147" width="184" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 14 - 1940-4</b><br>THE LANDING OF THE PILGRIMS<br> THE MAGIC PENCIL<br>PLANE GOOFY<br>THE TEMPERMENTAL LION<br> WHAT A LITTLE SNEEZE WILL DO<br> HAIRLESS HECTOR<br>FISHING MADE EASY<br> THE HOME GUARD<br>WHEN KNIGHTS WERE BOLD<br> UNCLE JOEY<br> THE DOG'S DREAM<br>WHAT HAPPENS AT NIGHT<br>HORSEFLY OPERA<br> BRINGING HOME THE BACON<br> 12 O'CLOCK AND ALL AIN'T WELL<br> THE OLD OAKEN BUCKET<br> THE ICE CARNIVAL<p><b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 15 - 1941-42</b><br> ONE MAN NAVY<br> UNCLE JOEY COMES TO TOWN<br> WELCOME LITTLE STRANGER<br> THE FROZEN NORTH<br> SLAP HAPPY HUNTERS<br>BACK TO THE SOIL<br> THE BIRD TOWER<br>A YARN ABOUT YARN<br> FLYING FEVER<br>A TORRID TOREADOR<br> HAPPY CIRCUS DAYS<br>CAT MEETS MOUSE<br> EAT ME KITTY, EIGHT TO THE BAR<br> SHAM BATTLE SHENANIGANS<br> OH GENTLE SPRING<br> LIGHT'S OUT<br> TRICKY BUSINESS<br> THE STORK'S MISTAKE<p><TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="ttbw5.jpg" ALT="terry title" HEIGHT="116" width="157" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 16 - 1942</b><br> ALL ABOUT DOGS<br> WILFUL WILLIE<br> TIRE TROUBLE<br> ALL OUT FOR "V"<br> LIFE WITH FIDO<br>THE BIG BUILD-UP<br> SCHOOL DAZE<br> NIGHT LIFE IN THE ARMY<br> THE MOUSE OF TOMORROW<br> DOING THEIR BIT<br> ICKLE MEETS PICKLE<br>FRANKENSTEIN'S CAT<br> BARNYARD WAAC<br> <i>plus these rare Bonus cartoons (uncut, in color, never distributed to television)</i><br>MISSISSIPPI SWING (1941)<br> ELIZA ON ICE (1945)<br>ANTS IN THE PANTRY (1945)<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="box7.jpg" ALT="gandy" HEIGHT="211" width="192"ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 17</b><br> Scrap For Victory<br>He Dood It Again<br>Barnyard Blackout<br>Shipyard Symphony<br> The Last Round-Up<br>Pandora's Box<br>Keep 'em Growing<br>Super Mouse Rides Again<br>Somewhere In Egypt&lt<br>Down With Cats<br> Aladdin's Lamp<br> Lion and the Mouse<br>Yokel Duck Makes Good&lt<br>The Hopeful Donkey<br>The Butcher of Seville<br> The Helicopter<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 18</b><br> Wreck of the Hesperus<br>A Day In June<br>The Champion of Justice<br> The Frog and the Princess<br> Mighty Mouse Meets Jeckyll and Hyde Cat<br> My Boy Johnny<br> Eliza On Ice<br>Wolf! Wolf!<br> The Green Line<br> Carmen's Veranda<br>The Cat Came Back<br> The Two Barbers<br>The Ghost Town<br> Sultan's Birthday<br> A Wolf's Tale<br> At The Circus<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 19</b><br>Gandy's Dream Girl<br> Dear Old Switzerland<br> Mighty Mouse and the Pirates<br> Port of Missing Mice<br>Ants In Your Pantry<br>Raiding The Raiders<br>Post War Inventions<br>Fisherman's Luck<br> Mighty Mouse and the Kilkenny Cats<br> Mother Goose Nightmare<br> Smokey Joe<br> The Silver Streak<br> Aesop's Fable: The Mosquito<br> Mighty Mouse and the Wolf<br> Gypsy Life<br>Aesop's Fable: The Fox and The Duck<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 20</b><br> Swooning The Swooners<br>The Watch Dog (edited print)<br> Who's Who In the Jungle<br>Mighty Mouse Meets Bad Bill Bunion<br> The Exterminator<br>Mighty Mouse In Krakatoa<br>The Talking Magpies<br> Svengali's Cat<br> The Fortune Hunters<br>The Wicked Wolf<br> My Old Kentucky Home<br> It's All In the Stars<br> Throwing The Bull<br> The Golden Hen<br> Dinky Finds A Home<br>The Johnstown Flood<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 21</b><br> Peace-Time Football<br> The Trojan Horse<br> The Tortoise Wins Again<br>Winning The West<br> The Electronic Mouse Trap<br>The Jail Break<br>The Snow Man<br>The Housing Problem<br> The Crackpot King<br>The Univited Pests<br> The Hep Cat<br>Beanstalk Jack<br> Crying Wolf<br> McDougal's Rest Farm<br>Dead End Cats<br> Happy Go Lucky<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 22</b><br> Mexican Baseball<br>Aladdin's Lamp<br> Cat Trouble<br>The Sky Is Falling<br>The Intruders<br> Mighty Mouse Meets Deadeye Dick<br>Flying South<br> A Date For Dinner<br>Fishing By the Sea<br> The First Snow<br> One Note Tony<br> Super Salesman<br> A Fight To The Finish<br> The Wolf's Pardon<br> Hitch Hikers<br> Swiss Cheese Family Robinson<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 23</b><br>Lazy Little Beaver<br> Felix The Fox<br>Taming The Cat<br>Mighty Mouse and The Magician<br> The Chipper Chipmunk<br>Hounding the Hares<br> The Feuding Hillbillies<br>Mystery In The Moonlight<br> Seeing Ghosts<br>Sleepless Night<br> The Witch's Cat<br> Magpie Madness<br>Love's Labor Won<br> The Hard Boiled Egg<br> The Mysterious Stranger<br>Triple Trouble<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="terrytoonposter50.jpg" ALT="terry" HEIGHT="342" width="232" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 24</b><br> Free Enterprise<br>Out Again In Again&lt<br> Magic Slipper<br>Gooney Golfers<br> The Wooden Indian<br>The Power of Thought<br> Racket Buster<br>Dingbat Land<br> Lion Hunt<br>Stowaways<br> Cold Romance<br>The Kitten Sitter<br> Happy Landing<br> The Catnip Gang<br> Hula Hula Land&lt<br>The Lyin' Lion<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 25</b><br>Mrs. Jones Rest Farm<br> The Covered Pushcart<br> A Truckload Of Trouble<br>Perils of Pearl Pureheart<br>Dancing Shoes<br> Flying Cups and Saucers<br> Paint Pot Symphony<br>Stop Look and Listen<br> Comic Book Land<br> Fox Hunt<br> Better Late Than Never<br> Anti-Cats<br> Foiling The Fox<br> The Beauty Shop<br> A Merry Chase<br> Dream Walking<br> <i>BONUS CARTOONS:</i><br>The Watch Dog (complete)<br>MM and the Kilkenny Cats (complete)<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 26</b><br>Law and Order<br> The Red Headed Monkey<br> All This And Rabbit Stew<br>The Dog Show<br> King Tut's Tomb<br> Cat Happy<br>If Cats Could Sing<br>Mouse and Garden<br> Beauty on the Beac<br> Wide Open Spaces<br>Sour Grapes<br> Mother Goose's Birthday Party<br> Rival Romeos<br> Squirrel Crazy<br> Three is a Crowd<br> Woodman Spare That Tree<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 27</b><br>Stage Struck<br>Sunny Italy<br> Songs Of Erin<br> Bulldozing the Bull<br> Spring Fever<br> Goons From The Moon<br>Musical Madness<br>The Elephant Mouse<br>The Rain Makers<br> Injun Trouble<br> Seasick Sailors<br>Tall Timber Tale<br> Golden Egg Goosie<br>A Swiss Miss<br> Steeple Jacks<br> Little Problems<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 28</b><br>Pastry Panic<br> The Helpful Genie<br>'Sno Fun<br> A Cat's Tale<br>Beaver Trouble<br>The Haunted Cat<br> Papa's Little Helpers<br> Movie Madness<br>Mechanical Bird<br> Seaside Adventure<br>City Slicker<br> Prehistoric Perils<br>Papa's Day Of Rest<br>Flat Foot Fledgling<br> Time Gallops On<br> Off To The Opera<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 29</b><br>Happy Cobblers<br>Hypnotized<br>Hansel and Gretel<br>Flipper Frolics<br> Little Anglers<br> Foolish Duckling<br>House Busters<br>The Mysterious Cowboy<br>Happy Valley<br>Good Mousekeeping<br>Nice Doggy<br> Happy Holland<br> Moose on the Loose<br> Sink or Swim<br>Flop Secret<br>Picnic With Papa<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 30</b><br>Soapy Opera<br>Thrifty Cubs<br>Hair Cut-Ups<br> Wise Quacks<br>Mouse Meets Bird<br>Snappy Snap Shots<br>Hero For A Day<br> Pill Peddlers<br> Featherweight Champ<br>Playful Puss<br> Plumbers Helpers<br>Hot Rods<br> Ten Pin Terrors<br> The Orphan Egg<br>Friday The 13th<br>When Mousehood Was In Flower<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 31</b><br>Open House<br> Bargain Daze<br>Sparky The Firefly<br> Mouse Menace<br>The Reluctant Pup<br>How To Keep Cool<br>The Timid Scarecrow<br>Log Rollers<br> Growing Pains<br> Spare The Rod<br>Runaway Mouse<br>How To Relax<br>Blind Date<br> Nonsense Newsreel<br>Helpless Hippo<br> Pet Problems<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 32</b><br>Prescription For Percy<br>Satisfied Customers<br>Tall Tale Teller<br>Arctic Rivals<br> Howling Success<br> Pride Of The Yard<br> Cat's Revenge<br> Reformed Wolf<br> Blue Plate Symphony<br>Barnyard Actor<br> A Yokohama Yankee<br> Duck Fever<br> The First Flying Fish<br>No Sleep For Percy<br> An Igloo For Two<br>Good Deed Daly<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 33</b> (end of Paul Terry era)<br> Bird Symphony<br> Phoney News Flashes<br> Foxed By A Fox<br> Last Mouse Of Hamlin<br>The Little Red Hen<br> The Clockmakers Dog<br> Park Avenue Pussycat<br>Miami Maniacs<br> Uranium Blues<br> Hep Mother Hubbard<br>Scouts To The Rescue<br>Baffling Bunnies<br> Oceans Of Love<br>Lucky Dog<br> Police Dogged<br> The Brave Little Brave<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 34</b><br> (last Paul Terry; start of Gene Deitch era)<br>Cloak and Stagger<br>Pirates Gold<br> Topsy T<br>Gag Buster<br>A Hare-Breadth Finish<br>African Jungle Hunt<br>A Bum Steer<br>The Bone Ranger<br>Daddy's Little Darling<br> Love Is Blind<br> Gaston Is Here<br> Shove Thy Neighbor<br> Clint Clobber's Cat<br>Flebus<br> Springtime For Clobber<br>It's A Living<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 35</b><br> (Gene Deitch era)<br>Gaston's Baby<br> The Juggler of Our Lady<br> Gaston Go Home<br> Dustcap Doormat<br>Camp Clobber<br> Sick Sick Sidney<br> Old Mother Clobber<br>Gaston's Easel Life<br>Signed Sealed and Clobbered<br> Sidney's Family Tree<br> Clobber's Ballet Ache<br>A Tale Of A Dog<br> Another Day, Another Doormat<br>The Flamboyant Arms<br> Foofle's Train Ride<br> Gaston's Mama Lisa<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 36</b><br>(New Terrytoons era)<br>The Minute and a half Man<br>The Fabulous Fireworks Family<br>Wild Life<br> Hashimoto San<br>Outer Space Visitor<br>The Leaky Faucet<br> Hide and Go Sidney<br> Thousand Smile Check Up<br>The Misunderstood Giant<br> Foofle's Picnic<br> The Tiger King<br>The Famous Ride<br> Tusk Tusk<br> Mint Men<br>Hearts and Glowers<br>The Wayward Hat<p> <b>TERRYTOONS Vol. 37</b><br> (New Terrytoons era)<br>Trapeze Pleeze<br> Two Ton Baby Sitter<br> Tin Pan Alley Cat<br> Deep Sea Doodle<br>House of Hashimoto<br> Stunt Men<br>Daniel Boone Jr.<br> The Mysterious Package<br>Night Life In Tokyo<br>Cat Alarm<br>So Sorry Pussycat<br>Drum Roll<br> Son of Hashimoto<br>Unsung Hero<br>Strange Companion<br>The First Fast Mail<br>Honorable Cat Story<br> Crossing the Delaware<br> Sappy New Year<p> If you are interested in 1960s Terrytoons... see top of this page.<p> <b><u>TERRYTOONS COLLECTORS BONUS DISC</u></b><br> &#149 BEHIND THE SCENES footage of Terrytoons in the 1940s<br> &#149 INTERVIEW with Johhny Vita<br> &#149 "Depth Study" a rare 1955 CBS Terrytoon industrial by Gene Deitch<br> &#149 Social Security live action public service film starring Paul Terry (circa 1970)<br> &#149 Rare 1930 Terrytoons not in U.S. TV package.<br>&#149 and other surprises!<p> <b><u>The Complete TOM TERRIFIC!</b></u><p>I have the whole series compiled on three discs. TOM TERRIFIC was originally produced as a five chapter serial, five minutes each. These are complete compilations of each adventure - ALL ANIMATION AND STORY IS INTACT - the only thing missing is the recaps and previews. Write to me if you are interested in these.<p><b>TOM TERRIFIC Vol. 1 (season 1)</b><br>NASTY KNIGHT <br> THE PILL OF SMARTNESS<br>SWEET TOOTH SAM<br>SNOWY PICTURE<br>CRABBY APPLETON'S DRAGON<br>CAPTAIN KIDNEY BEAN<br>THE GRAVITY MAKER<br>SCRAMBLED DINOSAUR EGGS<br>WHO STOLE THE NORTH POLE?<br>INSTANT TANTRUMS<br>BONUS: Chapter 2 of THE PILL OF SMARTNESS as originally aired<p><b>TOM TERRIFIC Vol. 2 (season 1 and 2)</b><brTRACK MEET, WELL DONE<br>THE GREAT CALENDAR MYSTERY<br>ELEPHANT'S STEW<br> THE MISSING MAIL MYSTERY<br> THE PRINCE FROG<br> ISOTOPE FEENY'S FOOLISH FOG<br> MOON OVER MANFRED<br>GO WEST YOUNG MANFRED<br> THE SILLY SANDMAN<p><b>TOM TERRIFIC Vol. 3 (season 2)</b><br>CRABBY PARK<br>THE MILLION MANFRED MYSTERY<br>THE FLYING SORCERER<br>THE BIG DOG SHOW-OFF<br>THE END OF RAINBOWS<br>ROBIN'S NEST CRUSOE<br> THE EVERLASTING BIRTHDAY PRESENT<br>BONUS CARTOONS: Chapter 1 of MILLION MANFRED MYSTERY as it originally aired<br>Chapter 1 of FLYING SORCERER as it originally aired<br> Chapter 1 of BIG DOG SHOW-OFF as it originally aired.<p> <b><u>THE COMPLETE LARIAT SAM</u></b><br> All 13 episodes, five chapters each. In Color!<p> <b>LARIAT SAM #1</b><br> The Great Race For Office Space<br> Badlands Cannonball<br> Rock-A-Bye Badlands<br> The People Catcher<br> Horse Opera Hoax<br> Bushwack In Toy Land<br> Ding-A-Ling Circus Saga<p> <b>LARIAT SAM #2</b><br> Watercolor Witchcraft<br> Cowhide n' Seek<br> Mark of Zero<br> Weatherman Mish Mosh<br> Arts And Craftiness<br> Below The Water Lion<p> <HR NOSHADE SIZE=5><p><font color=#00000 size=5><center><u><b>THE LANTZ PROJECT</u></b></center><p> <font size=3> <b>LANTZ #21</b><br> The Band Master<br> The Mad Hatter<br> Banquet Busters<br> Kiddie Koncert<br> Wacky-Bye Baby<br> Pixie Picnic<br> Wet Blanket Policy<br> Playful Pelican<br> Dog Tax Dodgers<br> Wild and Woody<br> Scrappy Birthday<br> Drooler's Delight<p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="castleboxwoody2.jpg" ALT="lantz movie box" HEIGHT="309" width="310" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <b>LANTZ #20</b><br> Who's Cookin' Who?<br> Bathing Buddies<br> The Reckless Driver<br> Fair Weather Friends<br> The Wacky Weed<br> Musical Moments From Chopin<br> Smoked Hams<br> Coo-Coo Bird<br> Overture To William Tell<br> Well Oiled<br> Solid Ivory<br> Woody The Giant Killer<p> <b>LANTZ #19</b><br> Ski For Two<br> The Painter and The Pointer<br> The Pied Piper of Basin Street<br> Chew Chew Baby<br> The Sliphorn King Of Polaroo<br> Woody Dines Out<br> Crow Crazy<br> Dippy Diplomat<br> Loose Nut<br> The Poet and The Peasant<br> Mousie Come Home<br> Apple Andy<p> <b>LANTZ #18</b><br> Canine Commandos<br> Ration Bored<br> Pass The Biscuits Mirandy<br> Boogie Woogie Man<br> Meatless Tuesday<br> The Greatest Man In Siam<br> Barber Of Seville<br> Jungle Jive<br> Fish Fry<br> Abou Ben Boogie<br> The Beach Nut<br> <b>BONUS CARTOONS</b><br> 1953 Coca Cola <br> theatrical commercials<p> <b>LANTZ #17</b><br> Juke Box Jamboree<br> Pigeon Patrol<br> Andy Panda's Victory Garden<br> Yankee Doodle Swing Shift<br> The Loan Stranger<br> Boogie Woogie Sioux<br> Air Radio Warden<br> Cow Cow Boogie<br> The Screwball<br> Edgg Cracker Suite<br> Swing Your Partner<br> The Dizzy Acrobat<p> <TABLE Align=right> <TR> <TD><img src="toonad2.jpg" ALT="lantz" HEIGHT="151" width="227" BORDER=1 ALIGN=right></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <b>LANTZ #16</b><br> The Screwdriver<br> Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B<br> Man's Best Friend<br> Pantry Panic<br> $21.00 a Day Once A Month<br> Under The Spreading Blacksmith's Shop<br> Hollywood Matador<br> The Hams That Couldnt Be Cured<br> Mother Goose On The Loose<br> Goodbye Mr. Moth<br> Nutty Pine Cabin<br> Ace In The Hole<p> <b>LANTZ #15</b><br> Crazy House<br> Recruiting Daze<br> Knock Knock<br> Syncopated Sioux<br> Mouse Trappers<br> Fair Today<br> Scrub Me Mama With A Boogie Beat<br> Hysterical High Spots in American History<br> Dizzy Kitty<br> Salt Water Daffy<br> Woody Woodpecker<br> Andy Panda's Pop<br> <b>Bonus Cartoons</b><br> The Enemy Bacteria<br> Take Heed Mr. Tojo<p> <b>LANTZ #14</b><br> The Bird On Nellie's Hat<br> Stubborn Mule<br> Arabs with Dirty Fezzes<br> Snuffy's Party<br> Slap Happy Valley<br> Silly Superstition<br> A-Haunting We Will Go<br> Life Begins for Andy Panda<br> Scrambled Eggs<br> The Sleeping Princess<br> Andy Panda Goes Fishing<br> Kittens Mittens<br> Adventures of Tom Thumb Jr.<br> 100 Pygmies and Andy Panda<br> <b>Bonus Cartoon</b><br> Boy Meets Dog<p> <b>LANTZ #13</b><br> The Sailor Mouse<br> The Disobedient Mouse<br> Baby Kittens<br> Little Blue Blackbird<br> Soup to Mutts<br> I'm Just a Jitterbug<br> The Magic Beans<br> The Birth of a Toothpick<br> Little Tough Mice<br> The One-Armed Bandit<br> The Crackpot Cruise<br> Charlie Cuckoo<br> Nellie of the Circus<br> Bola Mola Land<p> <b>LANTZ #12</b><br> The Problem Child<br> Movie Phoney News<br> Nellie, The Indian Chief's Daughter<br> Happy Scouts<br> Cheese Nappers<br> Silly Seals<br> Voodoo In Harlem<br> The Barnyard Romeo<br> The Queen's Kittens<br> The Big Cat and the Little Mousie<br> Ghost Town Frolics<br> Pixieland<br> The Cat and the Bell<br> Hollywood Bowl<br> The Rabbit Hunt<p> <b>LANTZ #11</b> <br> Ostrich Feathers<br> The Air Express<br> Love Sick<br> The Keeper of the Lions<br> The Mechanical Handyman<br> Football Fever<br> The Mysterious Jug<br> The Dumb Cluck<br> The Lamp Lighter<br> Man Hunt<br> Yokel Boy Makes Good<br> Trade Mice<br> Feed The Kitty<br> Nellie The Sewing Machine Girl<br> Tail End<p> <b>LANTZ #10</b><br> The Golfers<br> House of Magic<br> Everyone Sings<br> The Big Race<br> The Duck Hunt<br> Lumber Camp<br> The Birthday Party<br> Steel Workers<br> Trailer Thrills<br> The Stevedores<br> The Wily Weasels<br> The Country Store<br> The Playful Pup (titles only)<br> Fireman's Picnic<br> The Rest Resort<p> <b>LANTZ #9</b><br> Slumberland Express<br> Beauty Shoppe<br> The Barnyard Five<br> The Fun House<br> Farming Fools<br> A Battle Royal<br> Music Hath Charms<br> Kiddee Revue<br> The Beach Combers<br> Night Life of the Bugs<br> The Puppet Show<br> The Unpopular Mechanic<br> Turkey Dinner<br> Gopher Trouble<br> Knights For A Day<p> <b>LANTZ #8</b><br> Springtime Serenade<br> At Your Service<br> Towne Hall Follies<br> Three Lazy Mice<br> Bronco Buster<br> Amateur Broadcast<br> The Quail Hunt<br> The Fox and The Rabbit Monkey Wretches<br> Case of The Lost Sheep<br> Doctor Oswald<br> Softball Game<br> Alaska Sweepstakes<p> <b> LANTZ #7</b><br> Dizzy Dwarf<br> Ye Happy Pilgrims<br> Jolly Little Elves<br> Sky Larks<br> Spring In The Park<br> Toyland Premiere<br> Robinson Crusoe Isle<br> The Hill Billy<br> Two Little Lambs<br> Do A Good Deed<br> Candy Land<br> Elmer The Great Dane<br> <b>BONUS CARTOONS</b><br> Mars (1930)<br> Radio Rhythm (1931-with restored sound)<p> <b>LANTZ #6</b><br> Merry Old Soul<br> Parking Space<br> Chicken Reel<br> The Candy House<br> County Fair<br> The Toy Shoppe (original)<br> The Toy Shoppe (colorized)<br> Kings Up<br> Wolf! Wolf!<br> Gingerbread Boy<br> Annie Moved Away<br> Goldilocks and the 3 Bears<br> The Wax Works<br> William Tell<br> Chris Columbus, Jr. <p> <b>LANTZ #5</b><br> The Plumber<br> The Terrible Troubador<br> The Shriek<br> The Lumber Champ<br> Going To Blazes<br> Beau Best<br> Nature's Work Shop<br> Ham And Eggs<br> Pin-Feathers<br> Confidence<br> Hot And Cold<br> King Klunk<br> Five And Dime<br> She Done Him Right<br> In The Zoo<p> <b>LANTZ #4</b><br> Let's Eat<br> Winged Horse<br> Catnipped<br> A Wet Knight<br> A Jungle Jumble<br> Day Nurse<br> The Athlete<br> Busy Barber<br> The Butcher Boy<br> Carnival Capers<br> The Crowd Snores<br> The Underdog<br> Wild And Wooly<br> Cats And Dogs<br> Teacher's Pest<br> Merry Dog<p> <TABLE Align=right> <TR> <TD><img src="fisherman.jpg" ALT="lantz" HEIGHT="331" width="436" BORDER=1 ALIGN=right></TD> </TR> </TABLE> <b>LANTZ #3</b><br> Country School (silent)<br> The Bandmaster<br> North Woods<br> Stone Age<br> Radio Rhythm<br> Kentucky Belle<br> Hot Feet<br> The Hunter<br> In Wonderland<br> Hare Mail<br> Fisherman<br> The Clown<br> Grandma's Pet<br> Mechanical Man<br> Wins Out<br> Beaus And Arrows<br> Making Good<p> <b>LANTZ #2</b><br> Spooks<br> Snappy Salesman<br> Henpecked<br> Singing Sap<br> The Detective<br> The Fowl Ball<br> The Navy<br> Mexico (silent)<br> Africa<br> Alaska<br> China<br> College<br> The Shipwreck<br> The Farmer<br> The Fireman<br> The Sunny South<p> <b>LANTZ #1</b><br> Race Riot<br> Oil's Well<br> Permanent Wave<br> Amature Nite<br> Snow Use<br> Kounty Fair<br> Hurdy Gurdy <br> Chilly Con Carmen<br> Hash Shop<br> Prison Panic<br> Tramping Tramps<br> Hot For Hollywood<br> Hell's Heels<br> My Pal Paul (w/o time code)<br> My Pal Paul<br> Not So Quiet<p> <HR NOSHADE SIZE=5><p><font color=#00000 size=5><center><u><b>HARMAN-ISING CARTOONS</u></b></center><p> <TABLE Align=right><TR><TD><img src="bosko8mm.jpg" ALT="bosko movie box" HEIGHT="110" width="110" ALIGN=right></TD></TR></TABLE><p> <font size=3><b>MGM #1</b><br> The Discontented Canary<br> The Old Pioneer<br> A Tale of The Vienna Woods<br> Bosko's Parlor Pranks<br> Toyland Broadcast<br> Hey Het Fever<br> When The Cat's Away<br> The Lost Chick<br> The Calico Dragon<br> The Good Little Monkeys<br> The Chinese Nightingale<br> Poor Little Me<br> Barnyard Babies<p> <b>MGM #2</b><br> The Old Plantation<br> Honeyland<br> Alias St. Nick<br> Run Sheep Run<br> Bottles<br> The Early Bird and the Worm<br> The Old Mill Pond<br> Two Little Pups<br> The Old House<br> Pup's Picnic<br> To Spring<br> Little Cheeser<br> The Pup's Christmas<p> <b>MGM #3</b><br> The Pup's Christmas<br> Circus Daze<br> Swing Wedding<br> Bosko's Easter Eggs<br> Bosko and the Pirates<br> The Hound and the Rabbit<br> The Wayward Pups<br> Bosko and the Cannibals<br> Little Buck Cheeser<br> Bosko in Bagdad<br> Pipe Dreams<br> Cleaning House (Captain & the Kids)<br> Little Bantamweight<br> Blue Monday (Captain & the Kids)<p> <b>MGM #4</b> (all Captain & the Kids)<br> The Captain & The Kids<br> Poultry Pirates<br> Captain's Pup<br> A Day At The Beach<br> What A Lion!<br> The Pygmy Hunt<br> Old Smokey<br> Buried Treasure<br> The Winning Ticket<br> Honduras Hurricane<br> The Captain's Christmas<br> Petunia Natural Park<br> Seal Skinners<br> Mama's New Hat<p> <b>MGM #5</b><br> Jitterbug Follies<br> Wanted: No Master<br> The Little Goldfish<br> Art Galley<br> The Bear That Couldn't Sleep<br> Goldilocks and the Three Bears<br> The Bookworm<br> One Mother's Family<br> The Blue Danube<br> Peace On Earth<br> The Mad Maestro<br> The Fishing Bear<br> Home On The Range<br> A Rainy Day<p> <b>MGM #6</b><br> Swing Social<br> Tom Turkey and his Harmonica Humdingers<br> The Milky Way<br> The Bookworm Turns<br> Romeo In Rhythm<br> Papa Gests The Bird<br> The Homeless Flea<br> Gallopin' Gals<br> The Lonesome Stranger<br> Mrs. Ladybug<br> Abdul The Bulbul Ameer<br> The Prospecting Bear<br> The Little Mole<br> The Goose Goes South<p> <b>MGM #7</b><br> The Rookie Bear<br> Dance of the Weed<br> The Alley Cat<br> Little Caesario<br> Officer Pooch<br> The Flying Bear<br> The Field Mouse<br> The Hungry Wolf<br> The First Swallow<br> The Bear And the Beavers<br> Little Gravel Voice<br> Bats In The Belfrey<br> Chips Off The Old Block<br> Wild Honey<p> <b>MGM #8</b><br> Barney Bear's Victory Garden<br> Bah Wilderness<br> The Boy And The Wolf<br> The Uninvited Pest<br> War Dogs<br> Stork's Holiday<br> Innertube Antics<br> The Tree Surgeon<br> Bear Raid Warden<br> Barney Bear's Polar Pest<br> The Unwelcome Guest<br> The Bear and The Bean<br> The Bear and The Hare<br> Goggle Fishing Bear<br> Little Wise Quacker<br> Busy Body Bear<p> <b>MGM #9</b><br> Barney's Hungry Cousin<br> Cobs and Robbers<br> Heir Bear<br> Wee Willie Wildcat<br> Half Pint Palomino<br> Impossible Possum<br> Sleepy Time Squirrel<br> Bird-Brain Bird Dog<p> <HR NOSHADE SIZE=5><p><center><b>For inquiries about the items on this page email me: <A 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